Screwbell Conversions


            The screwbell conversion is a very labor intensive operation.  The bell must be completely removed from the Horn so the ring may be slipped onto it and soldered on.  Any dents in the throat of the bell must be removed so the ring will sit true.  Then the male half of the ring is soldered and the bell is cut.  Afterwards, the female half is slipped over the tail of the bell and soldered on.  After the solder is cleaned up, the bell is polished and put back on.

            Graphite is applied to the rings for lubrication since it is dry and does not attract and hold dirt (buy your own graphite below).  Never use slide grease on your ring for this very reason.  The going rate for screwbell conversions is $525 for an unlacquered Horn with no dents.  Lacquered instruments will be $100 more and dent work will be charged accordingly.  These prices include the cost of the ring.  I use Alexander (or Alexander-compatible) rings unless otherwise requested (please see my page on Alexander Ring Compatibility).  Yamaha rings and Schmid rings are also available, but are not normally stocked.  If you wish to use one of those rings, please make arrangements ahead of your scheduled appointment.

            DISCLAIMER:  This page is meant to inform my customers what will be happening to their instrument during this operation.  These are NOT instructions for doing your own screwbell conversion and I will not assume liability for any damages caused by anyone taking them as such. 

Graphite 6g

A 6 gram tube of graphite lubricant for use on the threads of screw bell rings.  Graphite is dry, so it will not attract and hold dirt and grime.
Graphite 6g


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