The de Haro Horn

            At long last, I am now making custom Geyer-style Double Horns.  This is the culmination of over 10 years of study and design and the result is truly magnificent.  All of the specifications and options are listed below along with prices.  If you would like to stop by my shop and try out the prototype, please feel free to email me or give me a call at (217) 377-1462 to set up an appointment.  My shop is only a short drive from Indianapolis, Chicago, and St. Louis.  I'll be more than happy to make time for your visit.  In the meantime, please enjoy these photos of the Horn.



The cost of the Horn will be as follows:

The Basic Horn includes:


.468" cylindrical bore

Unlacquered Yellow Brass

Hand hammered single-seam medium-throated bell

Your choice of a fixed or detachable bell

Your choice of Nickel Silver or Brass slide tubes

Nickel Silver valve casings with string linkages on the valves

Your choice of either a Gold Brass or Nickel Silver leadpipe (for corrosion resistance)

A water key on the leadpipe and short F tube, either Amado or Holton (This can be left off if preferred)

Reversible change valve so the Horn can stand in F or Bb

Lubrication channels on the bearings to make oiling simpler



The following options are also available for an additional cost:

Add this to the basic cost:
Nickel Silver garland on the bell - A Garland (aka Kranz) is a metal strip around the perimeter of the bell flare that adds mass to the edge of the bell (see the pictures above).  This serves to reinforce the edge of the bell and the extra material allows the Hornist to play louder before their sound starts to break up.  I offer them in a range of widths from 15mm (.612") to 30mm (1.181").  Any less and the garland doesn't effectively serve its purpose, any more and it starts to deaden the response of the bell.  If you have no preference, I will order 20mm (.787") since I find it is a good all around size. $100
If desired, the Horn may be made with a Gold Brass bell and tubing $600
Mechanical Linkages for the valves (Minibal linkages) $100
Extra Water keys (Either Amado or Holton water keys)

$10.40- Amado Water Key

$50- Holton Water Key

$30 for installation

Your choice of any accessories that I sell.

$60 - Foldaway Handrest

$65 - Alexander Flipper

$65 - Adjustable Finger hook

$12 - Finger Cups

A 50% deposit will be required when your order is placed.  The balance will be due when I begin construction of the instrument.  International orders are welcome, as always.  There will be a wait of approximately 12 months for delivery.  Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.  You may also pick up the Horn in person if you would prefer.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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