Causes of yellow teeth and its alternatives

The tooth is an essential bone in our body. It helps us to chew the food and gives good personality while we smile. But sometimes this vital bone gets yellow by the aging process and some other reasons. For this, you need teeth whitening procedure to regain the whiteness of the teeth.

Main causes of teeth staining

1. Chewing tobacco is one of the primary reasons for the teeth staining because tobacco has an agent which affect our tooth whitening and our tooth become yellow after chewing the tobacco.

2. Too much tea also affects our teeth enamel, and it slowly gets darker. Tea has a chemical which bring yellowness to the teeth, and it spoils the excellent quality of teeth. Drinking dark colored drinks likes cola coffee and red wine also did the same thing to the teeth white whitening.

3. If we don’t care our teeth properly, it gives bad effects to the teeth. We need to brush twice a day for the whiter teeth, also try some liquid to clean the teeth

4. The aging process also gives stains to the teeth because the bone tends to get yellower day by day.

The main process of whitening

The whitening process of the teeth require some steps which are mention below,

1. First, you need to give photographs of the teeth to the dental hygienist

2. There is a cleaning process which is done by the dentist to clear out the all food substance and other yellow agents from the teeth.

3. In the final step your dentist will use machine tools to wipe out the stains on your teeth, this process doesn’t require anesthesia, and it is a painless process. You need not to worry about the operation of the teeth whitening, and eventually, you get good looking Whittier teeth.