Best top 5 things to visit in Dominica Island

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Dominica is the island which is totally eco-friendly. This island is having a few beaches, scuba diving and many other things to do here. Even if someone is planning to do a wedding there, then it is also a great thing to do. Your wedding will become the best memory of your life if the couple chooses Dominica as the place to visit. At the island, one can make many interesting things to do there. Those people who are having Dominica citizenship can take advantage of these beautiful places by visiting them frequently.

5 best places:-

Trafalgar falls

It is the waterfall which is located at the Westside of Morne Trois Pitons National Park which is located around 6 miles from Roseau. It is the waterfall which is the most among the all visiting sites. At this site, there are two waterfalls present, one is known as the mother, and the second one is known as the father.

Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake, the name of the lake itself invites people to visit it. The boiling lake is having the space of 200 feet wide, which is also located in the Morne Trois Pitons National park, which is a must see attraction in Dominica.  

Papillote Tropical Gardens

Do you love gardens and different flowers? If yes, then one must visit the papillote Tropical Gardens. In those gardens, you will find lots of new flowers and a very beautiful and natural sight, which is a memorable place to visit for.

 Dominica Beaches

First of all, the Dominica Beaches are free to visit, and one spend their half and even full day there. It is also a must see beach, which is very beautiful. It has unique sand on the beach which makes t more beautiful.

If one wants to take Dominica citizenship, it is up to their wish, but the place is really very much beautiful.