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Esta is a document through which people of different countries can travel to the United States without the Visa. The stay of the visitor in the country is for only ninety days when all the guidelines are met. The person should have a valid departure under the esta usa guide. If a person is a member of the Visa Waiver Program or a citizen of the United Kingdom, then they are allowed for tourism in the United States for ninety days.

Acceptable reasons for traveling to the US under esta usa guide

Here are some of the examples which are acceptable under the esta usa guide for traveling in the United States.

1. For tourism – A person can go to the United States for tourism. They can visit different places of the country, and within ninety days, they can visit the outer borders of the United States.

2. For medical treatment – If a person is suffering from any severe disease which can be treated in the United States for better result. The person is being approved to travel to the United States by the Visa Waiver Program. The stay will be only for ninety days, not more than that.

3. For participating in events –For the students or persons who are interested in attending social events hosted by the social or services department. They have approved the stay of ninety days by the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation.

4. Training –  If a person is traveling to the US for attending any short term training, then the period of training should be for ninety days. The person is not paid by a source in the US, except expenses occurred during their stay. The company will finance the staying costs.

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