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When it comes to designing an elegant décor, everyone prefers a sleek and confident look. Any standard place has classic tiles used so efficiently, let it be our houses or offices of big companies that add grace to the, and thus play a significant part in interior transformations or architect.  While exploring tiles from residential to commercial uses, begin with checking out Tiles price Singapore as they offer you best-authorized deals and brands.

Different types of tiles for different places:

Tiles are used widely everywhere, whether it is floor, roof, or walls. The cliché look you see afterward is the result of a team of architects, interior designers, building constructors and manufacturers.

 Every room of your house would have tiles of different colors, texture, patterns, sizes, and designs. For instance:

  • Tiles in your kitchen are ceramic and with varying designs of food printed on them like pictures of burgers or cocktails drinks that get you drooling every time you enter the kitchen.
  • Bathrooms have stone tiles, probably slate or granite tiles, so you don’t slip off, with soft and soothing designs.
  • The bedroom has tiles with bright colors that make you feel homely, whereas a child’s room has highly creative and fun tiles.
  • Hall and drawings room might have glass tiles with pretty innovative texture or wooden touch.
  • The porch, stairs, and terrace of your house have a brick, or rough marble styled tiles for better friction.

Lastly, you might have noticed that tiles are used over almost every brick used to make your house. In addition to good looks, tiles are easy to maintain and more comfortable to clean. A place with tiles is like a cloth without any design, mere fabric. When used wisely, tiles add meaning to the place and your living standards.

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