An artificial green wall is a vertical wall system in which fake plants are interlocked with panels. Nowadays many companies use them for their office to look great. These are the high quality artificial green wall that required low maintenance and have long lasting life. They come in different varieties, shapes, size, and color that are available in the market for purchasing them.

 Let us discuss more these artificial green walls

  • Material

They are made of high-quality synthetic material for their long lasting life. Many other low-quality materials are also available in the market which is made of plastic, silk, and paper.

  • Maintenance

Their maintenance cost is low and hence does not require any special treatment for them.

  • Location

Artificial plants easily fit everywhere. Basically, they don’t need any special location for them and we can change their location easily.

  • Stunning looks

Artificial green walls give an outstanding look to the office and make us feel comfortable while working.

  • Environment-friendly

These artificial green walls do not affect the environment and are environment-friendly.

Now let’s talk about how we can install artificial green walls in our office

These artificial green walls can be fixed by these following methods:

  • Timber

Timber screws are used for fitting the artificial green walls.

  • Stonewall

Stone walls are the nylon nail plugs that hold strongly those artificial plants.

  • Plaster wood

These are the metal screws that are directly fixed into walls with a good thread.

  • Wire fence

We can hold these walls by using fence wires.

  • Color bond fence

These are the strongest metal screws that directly fit into the wall by pre-drilling.

Moving further, we can say that this artificial green wall is becoming the best choice for our office.

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